MAXStrain® Multi-Axis Hot Deformation System

MAXStrain II
A research tool for making ultrafine-grain and nano materials
The MAXStrain multi-axis hot deformation system is a unique research tool that can subject materials to virtually unlimited strain under precise control of strain, strain rate, and temperature.  

The system restrains specimens lengthwise while allowing unlimited deformation in the other two dimensions. As a result, very high strain levels can be introduced into specimens to produce a sample of ultrafine-grain or nanoscale material that is large enough for subsequent properties testing.


The MAXStrain system can be used on steels, aluminum alloys, titanium, and other metals.

Because the MAXStrain provides unparalleled, accurate control of all parameters,it offers a high degree of reproducibility. Researchers quickly and precisely create materials in the laboratory under well controlled mechanical and thermal conditions.

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