Measurement Systems


Gleeble systems are available in several models, each with a wide variety of available options and configurations. This flexibility allows the tailoring of a Gleeble system to meet your exact testing requirements.  DSI offers a range of measurement systems including contact and non-contact options.


Below are some of DSI's most popular measurement options: 

Scanning Non-Contact Optical Dilatometer and Extensometer with Green LED Technology


Optical System Achieving High-Speed, High-Accuracy, and High-Durability.

The system uses a high intensity GaN long life LED combined with an HL-CCD sensor to provide high speed measurements with no moving parts. This unit has twice the speed of conventional laser based measuring units.  Easy to use menu driven setup software is included with the unit to allow configuration of the controller on the desktop PC.  A unique tracking system ensures measurements are taken in the correct plane. 

This optical system is available on Gleeble 3500-GTC and Gleeble 3800-GTC systems, including the Gleele 3800-GTC-20/20. 

Green LED

More Accurate and Easier to Use: Green LED technology achieves both quick and accurate measurement reliably and durably. 


 Digital Image Correlation Systems

DIC System

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) can be used in conjunction with Gleeble systems for 3D non-contact optical measurements of deformation and strain. DSI has developed a successful combination of high performance cameras, lighting, mounting and licensed software to produce accurate results, even at elevated temperatures (up to 1,100˚C). 

Digital Image Correlation can be utilized on a number of standard Gleeble tests including tensile tests, Strain Induced Crack Opening (SICO), flow stress compression, as well as other standard and custom simulations. 


Contact Measurement Systems

DSI offers a range of highly accurate contact extensometers that can be utilized for a variety of measurements, both crosswise and lengthwise on wide range of specimen types, both in and out of the specimen’s hot zone. Both LVDT and strain gauge measurement systems are available. These components have been designed to be easy to install and operate. Some of the more popular systems are listed below:

39060 Hot Zone L Strain39060 - Hot Zone L-Strain:
An LVDT type hot zone transducer commonly, used for tensile tests or simulations with large amounts of deformation in tension or compression. (25mm travel)
39071 Hot Zone L Strain39071 – Hot Zone L-Strain:
A strain guage type hot zone
transducer, commonly used for
tests requiring high resolution with small amounts of travel. (5mm of travel in tension, 2mm of travel in compression)
39010 C Gauge39010 C-Gauge:
Crosswise LVDT type gauge with large travel (12mm) measures significant deformation.
39018 Dilatometer39018 Dilatometer:
Highly accurate and reliable, the Dilatometer is commonly used to generate CCT/TTT data.